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Windows (8 and above) - 100% disk usage in Task Manager
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Windows (8 and above) - 100% disk usage in Task Manager

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responded Jul 6 by birdygeek Sergeant (1,960 points)
You may done a quick fix by performing the following quick fix:

Solution 1
Windows key + R
type 'temp'
Clear all temporary files

Solution 2
Windows key + R
type services.msc
Disable services accordingly.
commented Jul 7 by carsturi™ Corporal (1,220 points)
done solution 1. good!
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responded Jul 14 by Helangmerah Staff Sergeant (2,570 points)

And also worth trying to disable some of the unnecessary service in your task manager. 

Someone o the net share the below solution too:

In your first screenshot, the two applications which are overloading the system are Soft Thinks Agent service which is the Dell backup utility and McAfee on access scanner.

It's not necessary to have the backup running on startup. See here for more info: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/sftservice.EXE-26955.html

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responded Jul 18 by Callum Corporal (880 points)
For Dell user; Another worth trying is on task manager > services > stop Dell's related services.

And worth noting to stop all Adobe services related too.