Windows - To check Wi-Fi network password

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added Aug 23, 2023 in Windows by lcjr First Warrant Officer (11,930 points)

1. On a Windows PC connected to your Wi-Fi network, perform one of the following actions based on the version of Windows running on your computer:

  • On Windows 11, select the Start button > type control panel > Control Panel > Network and Internet  > Network and Sharing Center.

  • On Windows 10, select the Start button > Settings  > Network & Internet  > Status  > Network and Sharing Center.

  • On Windows 8.1 or 7, search for Network > Network and Sharing Center 
    To find out your Windows version, check this Which Windows operating system am I running?

2. In Network and Sharing Center > Connections > select your Wi-Fi network name.

3. Wi-Fi Status > Wireless Properties.

4. In Wireless Network Properties > Security tab > Show characters check box. Password is displayed in the Network security key box. - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.