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What is the top 5 largest cities by population in southeast asia?

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added Jul 9, 2015 in City information by oblastsemara Private (220 points)

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responded Dec 30, 2015 by ryanrapp Corporal (830 points)
Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur & Manila
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responded Feb 24, 2016 by Help team Sergeant (2,060 points)

The top 5 largest cities by population in ASEAN are as follows:

RankCityPopulationYear (census or estimate)
1Jakarta, Indonesia10,135,0302014 (estimate)
2Bangkok, Thailand8,305,2182010 (census)
3Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam7,981,4112014 (census)
4Hanoi, Vietnam7,067,0002014 (census)
5Singapore5,399,0002014 (estimate)

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