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Have you guys heard about ? Have you try them out?

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added Apr 28, 2015 in Finance & Economics by raymooi Sergeant (1,550 points)
I guess whether you want to make some extra money, or get someone do the job, this is the place. Please let me know your experience.

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responded May 7, 2015 by avitator Corporal (910 points)
The last time I was visit them, not many jobs available there. But talking about design-wise, overall looks pretty intuitive and good business model. They should work more on marketing I believe, to increase the exposure.
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responded May 21, 2015 by harimau selatan Second Warrant Officer (3,320 points)
They've come out with version 2 of late. It looks better, however it hassles me, since I've already registered earlier, now I have to key in more stuff in order to sign in. They should've informed user beforehand. - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.