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What is the quickest way to learn spanish?

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added Feb 28, 2015 in General by Aishah Sergeant (1,880 points)
Hi peep, any useful tips to learn Spanish? I ll be in Spain in 3 weeks time, and I ll be there at least 6 months for interchange student program. I did learn it online, but it doesn't went too well. I need a crash course badly, please please

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responded Mar 2, 2015 by philophile Private (470 points)

Buy this book from Amazon. Very handy and useful 

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responded Mar 3, 2015 by cheqverra Corporal (1,010 points)
An easy and fun way to do this is by listening to Spanish music, watching Spanish movies, or watching Spanish cable TV. The only way to learn to speak a language, is by actually SPEAKING. You can study for years, and master all of the grammar rules, but unless you actually practice speaking, you will never speak well.

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responded Mar 3, 2015 by ryanrapp Corporal (830 points)
The most effective method so far that worked for me by using the Michel Thomas Method (MTM).