How to encourage my wife to breastfeed?

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I'm not sure why my wife didn't breastfeed my baby up to now. She've tried for first week, but no luck,  and there's no more since then. It has been 2 months now. Does that sound normal to you? I did brought it up to her in friendly manner almost every week, because I believe she's not doing it at her best. alas its purely no luck.  I believe breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby. What you guys normally do? any trick? lemme know if theres still a hope. thanks

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From my personal experience, it took me 10 days before i can really-really breastfeed my child,I always had set my mind before to breastfeed my baby before he was born until he is two, it took nurses and doctors to help me unfortunately none of the above are able to help me, even the nurses had left me with a crying baby not knowing what to do. Got the fake nipples as well, but still not strong and good enough. Baby was crying and hungry, thank god at that particular moment i had bought my breast pump, which then i fed my baby using that during that crucial moment. After 10 days, going in and out of clinics and hospital (due to jaundice), using breast pump, and that fake nipples, asking advice from doctors and nurses, I sat down one morning feeling depressed and upset coz i couldnt breastfeed my baby, my mum sat infront of me and told me we have to stop this and asked the baby to drink her mum's milk, so we sat down with the baby, and what my mum did next was the most amazing thing which is by forcing, I mean force is by forced! She holds my baby's head and force the baby to suck for few minutes without letting the baby to move or breath or let go, of coz it was terrifying for me in the first place to see my baby in that condition but the result was that he could suck and drink the milk out of me, of coz it took few months to adjust, with the pain and everything in the first place, but after that things get so much easier. You need extra patient and support to your wife she needed that the most to have confidence and courage especially when she is new being a mum. Good LUCK and all the best!
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Hey mrs. marshal, thanks for handy advise. REALLY appreciated it , may I know, is there any different apply if the first-born baby a boy or girl? Is there any hope even after 2 months feeding him with formula?
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Hey Jefferson,I forgot to mention to you that during all these process never have i talked or discuss these things with my husband, coz i worry that he didnt understand or he feels that i am a failure as a mother. I think there is still hope for you even after baby has been taking formula, just need to stimulate back again, check out this site, might be able to help.
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Have you asked her to seek professional advise? It is normal for the early weeks. My wife experience it too, it's normal for the first-born. Any senior family member that can help her? I.e mother, sister
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Are you suggest formula in the first place? Help her to know more about the benefits of breastfeeding. It'll take sometime, just be patient with her, as she wanted the best too for her children.
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It is difficult for me too for the first 3 weeks, I'm using Medela breast pump - here's the link . Quite struggling in the first stage, but getting better after using the pump. You may help her by buying one for her. - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.