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Should Liverpool get back Suarez?

–8 votes
added Apr 4, 2015 in General by raymooi Sergeant (1,550 points)
recategorized Apr 13, 2015 by LC Marshal

3 Responses

+2 votes
responded Apr 10, 2015 by razaksk8 Private (520 points)
Too point turning back..Sterlings too wanna ciao
+3 votes
responded Apr 16, 2015 by jefferson Second Warrant Officer (5,080 points)
There's no brainer move. It's totally not a point. Sterlings not as functioning as before as well, let them move the hell on. Barotelli, should move on as well..
0 votes
responded Apr 22, 2015 by MohdZarif79 Corporal (1,040 points)
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