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What is the most happiest state in Malaysia, and why?

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added Apr 4, 2015 in Travel by Captainjibreel Private (210 points)
edited Apr 4, 2015 by Captainjibreel

9 Responses

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responded Apr 6, 2015 by harimau selatan Second Warrant Officer (3,320 points)
Hard to say, probably perlis, less politics there at least
+3 votes
responded Apr 8, 2015 by sandykhoo Private (500 points)
Penang, wealthiest and prosperous
+6 votes
responded Apr 8, 2015 by Grimloxx Second Warrant Officer (3,370 points)
Johor darul takzim. period
+3 votes
responded Apr 13, 2015 by jefferson Second Warrant Officer (5,080 points)
I like Malacca a lot
+7 votes
responded Apr 14, 2015 by mrs.marshal Second Warrant Officer (5,320 points)
I think Terengganu.....with the food, scenery, and the beaches and islands, and the people lived as if they have no worries at all........too wonderful!
+3 votes
responded Apr 16, 2015 by birdygeek Sergeant (2,060 points)
What?? Is there any? Well, I can't complaint much about Selangor...just fine, the most happiest? far-fetched  still
+2 votes
responded Apr 21, 2015 by tarmimiman Second Warrant Officer (3,340 points)
Sabah, anytime.
+2 votes
responded Apr 22, 2015 by MohdZarif79 Corporal (1,040 points)
Melaka, exceptionally the happiest.
+1 vote
responded Apr 29, 2015 by imran65 Sergeant (1,620 points)
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