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What is the best image editor for non-designer?

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added Apr 3, 2015 in General by doughlas88 Sergeant (2,030 points)
recategorized Apr 13, 2015 by LC Marshal

2 Responses

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responded Apr 6, 2015 by tarmimiman Second Warrant Officer (3,340 points)
We're using GIMP
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responded Apr 6, 2015 by joanlaw Corporal (1,220 points)
Online or offline?  I believe you can get alot of online version but that's only for image effect only. For free version ( opensource)  I agreed with @tarmimiman , GIMP is the best. But your non-designer colleague still need to take sometime to master it. - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.