Apa yang silapnya bolasepak Malaysia ni? Meriah dah meriah, mutu ke laut

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responded Mar 27, 2015 by anonymous
Byk yg kena transform,  to start with, liga, football development hentam keromo,   third world football facilities, coach, lowly skill and mentality player and FAM. Byk sangat...Susah nak bg harapan bolasepak malaysia.. nengok bpl je la, takpon tumpang gembira dgn positive thailand football development .sekian
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responded Apr 2, 2015 by anonymous
Very difficult la to not say bad thing about this issue. FAM should listen to public, whether step down or change drastically on all level. Pablo Dollah realy cannot la..For Malaysian cup ok la, long pass melambung sampai laut system dah outdated da...please listen FAM, listen....
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responded Apr 4, 2015 by harimau selatan Second Warrant Officer (3,080 points)
Parah da malaysian football scene ni. Kesian fans.. Diaorg ni main mcm budak2 bile main international. Tak pernah tak kene titik mcm ayam. Hanya sesetika main best, tapi selalunye mmg main mcm haram, sorry to say , langsung xde consistency.
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