AdManager - Value is too small. The image does not have a valid size. The actual size was: width = 0, height = 0.

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Google reference can be found here:

Fix it by giving values to minWidth and minHeight

<script data-exports-type="gwd-studio-registration">function StudioExports() {
Enabler.exit("clickTag", "");
}</script><script type="text/gwd-admetadata">{"version":1,"type":"GoogleAd","format":"","template":"Banner 3.0.0","politeload":true,"fullscreen":false,"counters":[],"timers":[],"exits":[{"exitId":"clickTag","url":""}],"creativeProperties":{"minWidth":300,"minHeight":250,"maxWidth":0,"maxHeight":0},"components":["gwd-google-ad","gwd-image","gwd-page","gwd-pagedeck","gwd-taparea"],"responsive":true}</script> - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.