Unix Commands - Useful command line

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cd ..
//Move one directory up

cd - 
//will switch you to the previous directory.
cd ../../dir3/dir2
//This relative path takes you up two directories, then to dir3, then to the dir2 directory
cd /dir1/subdirfoo
//Regardless of which directory you are in, this absolute path takes you directly to subdirfoo, a subdirectory of dir1
mkdir mynewfolder
//Create directory
mkdir mynewfolder1 mynewfolder2
//Create multiple directories at once
rm -rf mynewfolder
//To remove folder
//DNS checkup

//open windows explorer
explorer "http://lazacode.org"
// Open site 
fc /l "C:\wamp\www\research\code1.php" "C:\wamp\www\code2.php"
//compare 2 files


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