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q2a - qa-base PHP eval()'d code issue

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added Jul 13, 2018 in CMS by LC Marshal Captain (26,090 points)

Error Notice:  qa-include/qa-base.php(510) : eval()'d code on line 133

  1. To replicate the issue, open and edit  qa-include/qa-base.php
  2. Find the following line
    	return $qa_overrides[$function]; 

    replace it with 

    else {
      error_log('overrided function = '.print_r($function,true), 0);
      error_log('override function = '.print_r($qa_overrides[$function],true), 0);
      return $qa_overrides[$function];
  3. Go to your root/error_log
  4. The error will shown as per timestamp. E.g 
    [12-Jul-2018 17:49:06 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur] override function = qa_tag_html_override_1_in_overrides_php
  5. In most cases, the issue might caused by the plugin you've installed. Do investigate any plugin that relate to step.4


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