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How to integrate vector font i.e icomoon into working directory

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added Jul 13, 2017 in CSS by birdygeek Sergeant (2,060 points)
  1. Go to
  2. Select all the icons that you need, and download.
  3. Extract the zip.
  4. Distribute only a few files into your working directory.
  5. Copy fonts folder ( consists of icomoon.eot, icomoon.ttf, icomoon.woff, icomoon.svg) into your css folder. Example: css/fonts/
  6. Copy style.css and rename it into icomoon( consists of ico-bin:before, etc) and place it into css folder. e.g css/icomoon.css
  7. In icomoon.css, change the fonts source from @font-face { src:  url('fonts/icomoon.eot?i3sw7j'); to a new directory. example: @font-face { src:  url('../fonts/icomoon.eot?i3sw7j');
  8. Add <i class='icomoon icon-bin'></i> on your html and see if its work
  9. Good luck

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