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Serbia & Montenegro Visa application for Malaysian

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added Jul 11, 2017 in Permit & Visa by LC Marshal Captain (25,880 points)

The nearest Serbian embassy for Malaysia is located in Jakarta, since there's no Serbian embassy here. The chronology of my experience as follows: 

  1. Lives in Budapest, Hungary for period of time and plan to visit Balkan countries, including, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. 
  2. Kosovo, Montenegro entrance required Serbian visa.
  3. Ask Malaysian embassy in Serbia how to get on-arrival visa for Serbia entrance, sadly none. Instead, they suggested me to write an email to Jakarta's Serbian embassy regarding the solution.
  4. During holiday in Malaysia, I wrote an email to Jakarta's Serbian embassy, and their reply comes with solution. 1) I have to shipping out my passport and cash to their office in Jakarta 2) Go to their office.
  5. Since my return flight to Hungary was just less than a week,( and couldn't affort to wait the shipping period) I choose to flew myself to Jakarta.
  6.  Get the Short stay visa (type C visa) at €28 (in 2009)
  7. Done.

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