How to troubleshoot hard start on Ford ranger 2004?

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It is important to remember that Ford Rangers are notorious for seizing up in cold weather. If it is cold outside, the vehicle will simply take its time warming up, but chances are good that nothing more will be required. However, if this isn't the case, a more serious problem may be surfacing.

If the ignition system is not delivering, the problem can belong to one of two components: either the ignition coil pack isn't receiving power, or there is a bad crankshaft position sensor.

A problem with the fuel system, which also causes the car to not start, can be broken down into three components: the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump itself and the fuel pump inertia switch. If these parts are faulty, the entire system will prove useless, and the truck will have to be repaired.

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There are few areas that you have to look at. 

  1. Car battery
  2. Alternator
  3. Glow plug ( can refer to this issue
  4. Starter
  5. The key box

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