Are airplanes really the safest way to travel?

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added Feb 26, 2015 in Travel by Jude

I'm going out of the country in the summer but I'm really scared of going on plane ever since the 9/11 incident. I also feel as if the plane will crash.


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responded Mar 13, 2015 by anonymous
That is not something we can guarantee, even when they build the Titanic and said its the safest ,strongest, etc etc......but it collapse along the way, so in other words nothing could be guaranteed. Recently last year Malaysia had 3 major incidents with the airplanes, and lost hundreds of lives, and they say one of the airplanes is the safest that has been build, again! in other words, what we can do is pray that the journey will be safe for us to get to our destination. That's the least we can do.....which i think what most people do........good luck!
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responded Mar 17, 2015 by anonymous
Then you shouldn't plan beyond the airplane. Just take train, car will do. - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.