Minimum property value for foreign buyers in Malaysia

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Since 2014, the minimum property purchase price that the Malaysian government has imposed on foreign buyers is RM1 mil.[a]

Minimum value of RM1 mil is applied to all kinds of property in every state. However, state authorities remain in power to amend the minimum value in the states that they control. [b]

Buy cheaper than RM1 mil with MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home)

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme is a programme tailored to foreigners who wish to stay in Malaysia for a long period of time (10-year visa). 

Before putting in an application, foreigners below 50 years of age are required to prepare a minimum of RM500,000 in their Savings Account / Current Account / Fixed Deposit whereas those aged above 50 years of age need to have at least RM350,000 in similar accounts. [a]

The comparison values with or without MM2H as shown below:



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