What's the most convenient way to get you to Bandung from SHIA Jakarta Airport?

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added Mar 7, 2016 in Distance & Direction by LC Marshal Captain (25,790 points)
Things that need to take into account; I'll be arrived at SHIA Jakarta airport by 14:30, with wife and 2 kids. We would like to not waste too much time of waiting, perhaps 1 - 2 hours max. Already reject the idea of getting train from Gambir station to Bandung, due to bad traffic from SHIA to Gambir. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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responded Mar 8, 2016 by anonymous
I think you can get a cab from airport direct to Bandung, it'll cost you around Rp 450,000. That's what I did last time. If you notice, people on the net always suggest to take the blue cab, make sure you take one if you choose to go there by cab. Train is bad option, yes even though te distance is less than 30KM from airport, but it's gonna take almost 2 hours! Good luck
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