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What is the top 10 cities with the shortest working hours ?

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added Feb 23, 2016 in General by LC Marshal Captain (25,860 points)

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responded Feb 24, 2016 by Help team Sergeant (2,060 points)

The 10 cities with the shortest working hours are as follows:

RankCityAverage employee clocks per yearHoliday entitlement
1Paris, France1,604 hours29 days
2Lyon, France1,631 hours29 days
3Moscow, Russia1,647 hours31 days
4Helsinki, Finland1,659 hours29 days
5Vienna, Austria1,678 hours27 days
6Milan, Italy1,691 hoursN/A
7Copenhagen, Denmark1,697 hoursN/A
8Luxembourg1,703 hours32 days
9Vilnius, Lithuania1,716 hours30 days
10Brussels, Belgium1,717 hours18 days

Reference: CNN Money (2015) . 10 cities with the shortest working hours. Available from < > [Feb 24 2016] - Malaysia's programming knowledge sharing platform, where everyone can share their finding as reference to others.