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Why there's not many street performer in KL street?

+2 votes
asked Feb 3 in People by harimau selatan Second Warrant Officer (3,320 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
answered Feb 5 by mrs.marshal Second Warrant Officer (5,280 points)
maybe it's due to the culture?
+2 votes
answered Feb 5 by imran65 Sergeant (1,620 points)
I guess the weather is kinda hot here, those people usually will do their busking at night on some specific areas, but I do agreed, it isn't our culture. Furthermore, on this digital age, people don't really care about being creative on real world, this alien culture gonna died...
0 votes
answered Feb 6 by Helangmerah Sergeant (2,390 points)
They're focusing on digital world these days to cope with the changes, some of them really doing well at what they do. - Malaysia Knowledge Exchange powered by community